LG's OLED TVs will use a white OLED with color filters (WRGB) structure

Last week we reported about LG Display's pilot 8-Gen OLED TV line, but we didn't have all the details (the original text was in Korean). Now we got a good translation and new info. According to the report, LGD has indeed begun to build the 8-Gen line and is currently installing equipment. Production is scheduled by the end of 2011. The OLED TV line is built in Paju in the same building as LG's 4.5-Gen fab that has started to manufacture AMOLEDs last month.

LG's 8-Gen line will produce 2,200 x 2,500 mm glass substrates which will be cut in two. The monthly capacity will be 24,000 substrates, or 72,000 55" OLED TV panels (although LG also plans to produce 31" panels later on). This of course assumes 100% yield - but the actual yield at first will be much lower.

It turns out that those OLED TVs will actually be white-OLED (phosphorescent based, by the way) with color filters - this is the WRGB technology developed at Kodak which is now owned by LG. This technology allows for high density displays (400 PPI) - although the TVs will probably use lower PPI.

Posted: Mar 07,2011 by Ron Mertens