Kodak's OLED unit was sold for $100 million

Back in December, LG announced it will buy Kodak's OLED unit. Back then the price was not revealed - but in Kodak's latest quarterly report they reveal that the price was $100 million. Kodak also entered into a licensing transaction with LG which gave them $414 million in revenue, this is not related to OLEDs.

Kodak's OLED patent cover OLED displays architecture (including the white-OLED with color filter design), OLED lighting and OLED manufacturing methods. In June 2008 we posted an interview with Mr. Corey Hewitt and Dr. James Buntaine from Kodak OLED Systems. In December we published an interview with Mr. Steven Van Slyke and Dr. Yuan-Sheng Tyan - discussing Kodak's OLED lighting technologies and business.

Posted: Feb 03,2010 by Ron Mertens