Global OLED Technology says they prevailed in the Kodak lawsuit, assigned 3 more patents and Pioneer's OLED license

In December 2012, LG's Global OLED Technology (GOT) filed a lawsuit against Eastman Kodak, claiming that 18 of Kodak's patent actually belong to GOT. Kodak said these aren't related to OLEDs and so were not part of the 2009 deal (when GOT bought about 2,200 OLED patents and patent applications from Kodak). GOT also wanted to recover royalty payments from Pioneer that were paid to Kodak and not GOT (he Pioneer license was supposed to have been transferred to GOT but apparently Kodak wasn't able to obtain consent for the transfer).

Today GOT reported that the US court ordered Kodak to assign ownership of 3 patents to GOT (US patents #6,717,560, #6,892,014 and #6,999,138). This was a settlement agreed to by GOT and Kodak. Kodak will also assign the Pioneer license agreement to GOT, including all rights to receive royalty payments from Pioneer under the license.

GOT says they are "extremely pleased with the outcome of the lawsuit". I'm not sure what about those other 15 patents, but it seems that GOT got what they wanted out of that lawsuit.

GOT was established in December 2009 when LG bought Kodak's OLED business (in a deal that was estimated at $100 million). GOT owns more than two thousand OLED related patents, and licenses them to other companies. In 2010, Idemistu Kosan bought 32% of GOT.

Posted: Sep 18,2013 by Ron Mertens