Idemitsu starts producing OLED materials at its Chengdu factory

Japan-based OLED materials producer Idemitsu Kosan announced that it has achieved full-scale production of OLED materials at its new factory in Chengdu, China. Material shipments from the new fab will commence in January 2021.

Idemitsu Kosan Chengu OLED fab ceremony photo

Idemitsu's OLED factory in Chengdu is the company's third and largest-capacity (12 ton/year) production, and Idemitsu hopes it will enable it to strengthen its OLED materials sales in China. This new fab will increase Idemitsu's total OLED materials production capacity to 22 tons / year.

In 2017 Idemitsu said that it aims to increase its production capacity in 2018 by 70%. In 2018 Idemitsu signed an agreement with Toray to co-develop OLED materials and an agreement with LG Chem to share their OLED material patents. In 2019 Toray and Idemitsu announced that the companies have jointly developed a red TADF OLED device that is the world's most efficient emitter at 46 cd/A.

Posted: Dec 02,2020 by Ron Mertens