DSCC updated its OLED material market estimates, saying that AMOLED stack material sales will grow from $951 million in 2019 to $2.69 billion in 2024 - a CAGR of 23%. These new estimates take into account DSCC's reduced input area forecast due to the slowdown in demand cased by the Covid-19 pandemic.

AMOLED material revenues (2019-2024, DSCC)

DSCC says that incremental improvements in material utilization and price reductions, material costs per square meters will decline in the future. The unyielded cost of producing a square meter of a WOLED TV panel will decline from $95.21 in 2019 to $56.11 in 2024.

DSCC acknowledges that inkjet printing can enable improvements in performance and cost of production, but DSCC does not expect that soluble materials will be widely used in the forecast period. Almost all OLED production for both TVs and mobile applications will be done by vacuum evaporation.

Mobile AMOLED material revenue by supplier (2019-2024, DSCC)

DSCC also provided the chart you see above which shows a projection of AMOLED material revenues by supplier - for mobile applications. The top three players, UDC, Novaled and Merck will hold a 57% market share together in 2024.

Merck - Advancing Display, Advancing LifeMerck - Advancing Display, Advancing Life