Merck logoMerck is a global team specialists in Healthcare, Life Sciences and Electronics with its headquarters in Germany, and a history that goes back to 1668. The company designs, develops and manufactures a wide range of specialized materials including high performance OLED materials and supplies these materials to almost all OLED panel makers.

In 2016, Merck constructed a €30 Million OLED materials production plant in Darmstadt as the company sees OLED as one of its future growth drivers. In 2020 Merck announced that it acquired the OLED patent portfolio for display applications from Konica Minolta Inc. In 2022 Merck completed its OLED facility expansion in Korea and China.

Merck collaborates with several companies to work on further advanced OLED technologies.

Company Address

Frankfurter Straße 250
64293 Darmstadt