Merck launches new highly-effective ALD OLED encapsulation materials

Merck introduces new OLED encapsulation materials that the company says offer superior flexibility, higher reliability, and longer lifetime for flexible devices compared to existing solutions. 

Merck says that its new low-temperature ALD silicon materials offer highly improved barrier characteristics - 100 times more effective than current solutions. And they can be deposited in thin layers - 20 times thinner than existing solutions. Merck introduced low-temperature ALD silicon materials in 2022 for automotive OLED, and the company expects that the new materials will be used for the encapsulation of flexible IT OLED displays (laptops, tablets and monitors).


Earlier this month, Universal Display Corporation announced that it has acquired Merck's Phosphorescent OLED emitter IP assets. In September 2022 Merck inaugurated its first OLED production site in China. In June 2022 Merck announced that it has completed its OLED manufacturing capacity expansion project at its Korean site.

Posted: Jun 02,2023 by Ron Mertens