Merck details its latest investments in its OLED plants in China and Korea

Last month we reported that Merck is expanding its OLED laboratories in Shanghai. Today Merck released a formal PR and details its latest plans in Asia.

Merck Shanghai OLED center inauguration ceremony photo

Merck says that it will invest 26 million Euro ($23.6 million USD) to expand its OLED manufacturing capacities at the Pyeongtaek (Korea) and Shanghai sites.

Merck will build additional sublimation units to help meet customer demand in the growing OLED market. The 20 million Euro investment will be used to build a new modular production system that facilitates the installation of additional sublimation units in line with market requirements.

Posted: Oct 28,2020 by Ron Mertens


Any plans to start nano material production plant in USA or India?