Idemitsu Kosan and Toray developed a red TADF/HF device that is the world's most efficient OLED emitter

Idemitsu Kosan and Toray Industries announced that the companies have jointly developed a red OLED device that is the world's most efficient emitter at 46 cd/A. The device uses a TADF emitter combined with red fluorescent materials (which likely means this is a HyperFluorescence device).

Idemitsu and Toray has been collaborating on OLED material development since 2017. This new device uses Idemitsu's TADF material combined with Toray's new red fluorescent material. The two companies say that this new material provides the same results as currently used red phosphorescent devices, and the plan is now to "drive forward to secure adoption of their materials" in mobile and TV applications.

The new device specification is listed below:

  • Current efficiency: 46 cd/A (current density of 10 mA/cm2)
  • Lifetime: over 90 hours LT95 (current density of 50 mA/cm2)
  • Color point: (0.679, 0.320) (CIE1931 color space)


TADF/HF materials seem to be coming of age, as it marked its 10th anniversary. Two months ago Wisechip announced that it launched the world's first Hyperfluorescence OLED display - a 2.7" 220 nits monochrome yellow 128x64 PMOLED, using materials developed by Kyulux. Earlier this year Kyulux raised $31.8 million while its TADF rival Cynora raised $25 million. Two months ago we also reported on a new Polish-based start-up that is commercializing new TADF compounds.

Posted: Dec 02,2019 by Ron Mertens