Wisechip launches the world's first Hyperfluoresence OLED display - a 2.7" yellow PMOLED

Wisechip announced that it launched the world's first Hyperfluorescence OLED display - a 2.7" monochrome yellow 128x64 PMOLED. The brightness of this display reaches 220 nits - which is 2.5 times the brightness of Wisechip's fluorescent yellow PMOLED. The lifetime of this display is 50,000 hours.

Wisechip yellow Hyperfluorescence pmoled product (Oct 2019)

Hyperfluorescence OLED emitters represent the 4th-generation of OLED emitter systems. HF is an actually a system that combines fluorescence emitters (1st-gen) with TADF (3rd-gen) hosts - to achieve a high efficiency , long lifetimes and narrow-spectrum emission.

The supplier of the HF material is Kyulux, who's been working with Wisechip for a long time. In fact Wisechip originally aimed to introduce its first HF yellow emitter PMOLED by the end of 2017, but eventually the display is only launched now. Wisechip also planned to release a flexible HF PMOLED by the end of 2018 - but we have no news on that display.

Posted: Oct 07,2019 by Ron Mertens