LG to start building a Gen-8 OLED fab next month?

Update: We got the new translation. LG is indeed building a Gen-8 fab scheduled to start mass production of 55" OLED panels by the end of 2011. But it will make white-OLED backlit LCDs and not true-OLED TVs. Here is the full post.

There's an article over at ETNews discussing LG's upcoming Gen-8 OLED fab in Paju, Korea. The original article is in Korean, so I'm not sure if my translation is right - if anyone can help, please contact me or leave a comment. It seems that the company will soon start to install equipment in that fab and has plans to complete the first line by the end of the year. The Gen-8 fab makes 2200x2500mm substrates, and LG will cut those in half to make 24,000 2200x1250mm substrates a month. The aim is to make 55" and 30" OLED TV panels.

This all sounds very optimistic - it's hard to believe that LG actually plans to mass produce 55" OLED TVs by the end of 2011. All estimates point to 2012-2013 as the earliest time for such TVs...

Posted: Mar 02,2011 by Ron Mertens