Apple wants to launch an OLED TV using LG Display's panels?

OK, this is obviously some wild speculation. Australia's Smarthouse reports that Apple is in talks with LG Display to supply 55" OLED TV panels for an Apple OLED TV. There are indeed some rumors that Apple wants to introduce their own TV, and of course they are looking for ways to differentiate this. And if any company can get away with the premium cost these panels will carry, it's probably Apple.

While we know that LG Display plans to start making 55" OLED TV panels in 2012, we are still quite skeptical here. LG's capacity will be very low at first (probably thousands of units a month, at best) - and this will not be enough for Apple. But we can hope, can we?

Apple OLED rumors never seem to die. Smarthouse's track record with these rumors isn't very good. In March 2009 they claimed that LG signed a deal with Apple to supply OLEDs for an OLED iPhone and OLED notebook. In July 2009 they said that Apple's Tablet will use OLEDs, and in November 2009 they said that Sony has a new "secret TV technology' that will replace OLED. None of these actually happened...

Posted: Jul 24,2011 by Ron Mertens