LG plans a $2.8 billion investment towards OLED TV panel production in 2014

The Nikkei business daily reports that LG Display aims to invest $2.8 billion towards 8.5-Gen OLED TV mass production - which will take place in 2H 2014. According to this report, LG Display's plan to start pilot-production of 55" OLED TV panels in 2H 2012 is still on track - and in fact the company plans to sell around 30,000 such TVs in a month.

LG wants to wait and see how the market reacts to these TVs in 2012 before committing the large investment needed for mass production. LG now says that after introducing the 55" panels, they will start making smaller ones as well, around 40".

Posted: Aug 09,2011 by Ron Mertens