Omdia: Apple to switch to OLED displays in almost all of its tablets, laptops and monitors by 2027

Omdia released its latest IT OLED display forecasts, with some interesting projections. 

The company sees very nice growth ahead for OLED displays in the IT market, with shipments rising from around 9.7 million units in 2022 to over 70 million units in 2028. Most of the growth will come from adoption in laptops, but tablet adoption will also increase sharply.


The main catalyst in Omdia's predictions is Apple's adoption of OLED displays. Apple will begin using OLEDs in its iPad Pro devices next year, and will start using OLEDs in laptops (MacBook Pro at first) in 2026. In 2027 the company will also start using QD-OLED and/or WOLED displays for its 32" and 42" iMac monitors. The company will almost completely phase our LCDs and miniLEDs at its mobile devices by 2026.

Looking at the market in general, Omdia says the OLED penetration into the laptops and tablets market was just 2% (9.7 million out of over 470 million devices). By 2028, OLED penetration will reach 14%. 

Posted: Apr 22,2023 by Ron Mertens