LG Display and Samsung Display are both working on special glass-TFE OLEDs for Apple's future iPads

Apple's interest in OLED displays for future iPad tablet device is not secret, and many analysts estimate that the first such device will be released in 2024.

One of Apple's requirement is for superior performance for its tablets compared to smartphone AMOLED displays - and so developers are relying on a tandem OLED structure. According to a new report from Korea, LG Display is developing another unique technology for Apple's iPads.


LG Display will produce a glass-based OLED display, but one that uses thin-film encapsulation. In addition, new etching technology will result in very thin displays, close to the thinness of flexible (polyimide-based) OLEDs. These OLEDs will be cheaper to produce than flexible OLEDs. This technology also carries advantages in the production process. It seems that Samsung Display is developing the same technology - and may be further advanced than LGD in that regard.

Apple's tablet OLED displays will adopt a tandem structure and an LTPO backplane.

Posted: Apr 18,2023 by Ron Mertens