ETNews: Apple signs contracts to develop tablet and laptop OLEDs, gets ready for the first OLED iPad in 2024

Korea-based ETNews reports that Apple has finally committed to adopt OLED displays in future tablets and laptops, and the company has signed a contact with a "local OLED developer" (which means either Samsung Display or LG Dispaly) to develop four different OLED displays.

According to the report, Apple decided to adopt a 10.86" and 12.9" AMOLED displays for future iPad devices, and 14" and 16" displays for future MacBooks. The first OLED iPad will be released in 2024, while the first OLED MacBook will come later in 2026.


Apple will likely be interested in working with both OLED makers (and maybe others in China as well) as it does not like to rely on an exclusive supplier. It is expected that Apple's adoption of OLEDs will increase demand for IT OLED displays quite dramatically.

We have heard reports about Apple's plans for OLED tablets and laptops for many years, and it seems quite likely that the first devices will indeed arrive next year. It was also reported in the past that Apple wishes to adopt a tandem-stack OLED architecture in order to achieve the performance level (brightness and lifetime) it needs. In March 2022 it was reported that Samsung Display has started to develop tandem OLEDs for Apple - while LG Display started in 2021 (and it has an easier task as it already uses such an architecture in its automotive OLEDs).


Posted: Jan 21,2023 by Ron Mertens