IGNIS Innovation

IGNIS Innovation, established in Canada in 2000, specializes in providing technologies in the areas of pixel circuits and driver packages for AMOLED displays.

IGNIS focuses on developing AMOLED backplane solutions using industry standard amorphous silicon (with compensation) polysilicon or other TFT technologies. They also develop specialized driver electronics and related OLED IP. Towards the end of 2013, Ignis started shipping 55” AMOLED MaxLife prototype samples to potential clients. Ignis is developing AMOLED panels based on LTPS backplanes in collaboration with China's CSoT.


In May 2015, IGNIS raised $14 million. In June 2016 LGD signed a license agreement with Ignis to use its technology in LG's OLED displays.

IGNIS Innovation was sold to an undisclosed company in March 2023.

Company Address

50 Bathurst Drive, Unit 12 Waterloo
Waterloo ON N2V 2C5