Ignis Innovation announced that samples of its 20" 1296x768 (XGA) AMOLED display will be available in August 2013. Ignis will offer these samples to display makers for evaluation of Ignis' MaxLife compensation technology in their own displays (more on this below). They will sell the display for low volume, demanding applications such as medical imaging and scientific imaging.

The 20" AMOLED panels use a-Si backplane and are made by RiTdisplay. The panels are only 1.3mm thick (the complete display module is 3 mm thick). The refresh rate is 240Hz.

The MaxLife external compensation technology continuously measures every pixel in the display and compensates for even the smallest shift in performance (due to burn-in or bad manufacturing issues), making it completely uniform and completely stable.

Prototype 20-inch panel from SID 2012Prototype 20-inch panel from SID 2012

I have seen those 20" prototype at SID 2012 and they indeed looked very good. The panels on show last year had a lot of defects, but the new panels will be defect-free, of course. Read my SID-2012 report on Ignis for more information on their technology.




Unfortunately the new Panels have issues too (on the second Picture there is a vertical Line)

The second picture was

The second picture was actually taken in 2012, this is one of the prototype panels I saw at SID 2012. I'll make sure to note that in my post...


Ok, than im relieved. It's really a shame, that between the 15 Inch OLED TV from LG and the new Models with 55 Inch are a big yawning gap until now.

IGNIS 55-inch panel

IGNIS has decided to offer 55-inch samples instead of 20inch for 2013. 

The samples has been sold to few companies based on IGNIS website.



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