In May 2013, Ignis Innovation announced that it will soon start shipping sample 20" AMOLED displays to display makers to evaluation their MaxLife compensation technology. Today Ignis announced that they decided to go for a larger 55" FHD OLED TV. The company said it received "firm orders" for those samples from display manufacturers and OEMs.

The MaxLife external compensation technology continuously measures every pixel in the display and compensates for even the smallest shift in performance (due to burn-in or bad manufacturing issues), making it completely uniform and completely stable. MaxLife can work with a-Si, LTPS and metal-oxide backplanes (those 55" panels now in production use a metal-oxide backplane). The technology should, according to Ignis, allow for cheaper OLED TVs as it improves yield and also enables simpler device (i.e. a simpler pixel structure with less TFTs per pixel).

Ignis also says that MaxLife can enable an easier migration to higher resolutions (i.e. 4K) due to the simple pixel structure. Currently the company is only offering a single FHD 55" MO panel, but the company told me they have more displays planned for the future.




> those 55" panels now in production are based on MO

> FHD 55" MO panel

What does MO mean here?

It means Metal-Oxide

It means Metal-Oxide

OLED Summit

Ignis is presenting at OLED Summit about its technology and how its technology improves the quality and yields. 


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