AU Optronics announced today that it will show new 4.3" flexible AMOLED panels at the Touch Taiwan 2013 conference next week (August 28-30). The new flexible panels are thinner than AUO's previous prototypes at 0.2 mm (vs 0.3 mm before). This is far thinner than LGD's thinnest LCD display announced last week (1.21 mm). AUO's panels use a plastic substrate and thin film encapsulation.

AUO flexible OLED prototype (2011)AUO flexible OLED prototype (2011)

AUO will only showcase the company's 5" Full-HD AMOLED panels unveiled earlier in 2013. These panels features the world's highest resolution density at 443 ppi. The company will also show new panels which are 5" 720p (i.e. lower resolution than the FHD ones but at the same size). AUO refers to these as HD720 AMOLED.

We're still waiting for news regarding AUO's AMOLED production. It seems that the company is still struggling with production issues (mostly low yield), but hopefully they will begin mass production soon.