Ignis' 55" OLED TV samples arrive, company says their technology enables lifetime and efficiency boost

Last month Ignis Innovation announced that they began producing some 55" OLED TV evaluation samples for display makers to test their MaxLife compensation technology. The company now tells us that the first sample panel arrived at their offices, and they will start fulfilling orders (to display makers and OEMs) in about two weeks.

The company did some initial measurements, and they say that this panel offers the world's lowest power consumption (20% lower than LG and Samsung's current OLED TVs), longest lifetime (a significant boost over existing OLED panels). The panels are highly uniform (much better than the OLED TVs no the market).

The MaxLife external compensation technology continuously measures every pixel in the display and compensates for even the smallest shift in performance (due to burn-in or bad manufacturing issues), making it completely uniform and completely stable. MaxLife can work with a-Si, LTPS and metal-oxide backplanes (the 55" panels produced now use a metal-oxide backplane).

Besides the benefits listed above, Ignis says that MaxLife will improve production yields (and so lower production costs) and also offer an easy migration to high resolutions (UHD) due to the simple pixel design.

Posted: Oct 16,2013 by Ron Mertens