Innolux was established in 2009 in taiwan as a merger between Innolux, CMO and TPO. Both TPO and CMO had OLED subsidiaries. The company was known as Chimei Innolux up until October 2012 when it decided to change its name back to Innolux.

CMO’s OLED subsidiary was called Chi Mei EL Corporation (CMEL) and was producing AMOLED displays until the merger (the company was producing panels up to 7.6” in size). TPO was developing small (3” and 4”) AMOLED displays but had some technical difficulties.

Innolux has been promising AMOLED production for some years but are still struggling with technical issues. According to some reports Innolux’ new 6-Gen LTPS fab will also be able to produce AMOLED displays, and other reports suggest the company will integrate its OLED business with Sharp.

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Company Address: 
No. 160, Kesyue Rd.
Jhunan Science Park
MIaoli MIA 350