Updates from the TADF symposium: Cynora's latest blue, SDC and LGD hopeful on TADF

A few days ago, Cynora hosted the 2017 International TADF Symposium in Frankfurt, Germany. Cynora reports that about 150 attendees from all over the world listened to experts from the industry and academia and were updated on the latest news regarding TADF OLED emitters.

TADF Symposium photo 2017

Cynora itself showed an update on its latest blue emitter. The company now has material that features a CIEy of 0.18 (target - 0.1), EQE of 14% (target 15%) and a lifetime of 10 hours LT97 at 700 nits (target is over 100 hours). Cynora says that development is progressing well and it is confident it will reach its target material performance by the end of the year.

The TADF Symposium also hosted talks by Samsung Display and LG Display. Both companies stated that at this stage TADF has a better potential to achieve an efficient blue emitter compared to phosphorescence. This is not really a surprise as both companies invested 25 million euros in Cynora to enable it to accelerate its blue emitter R&D.
Posted: Sep 17,2017 by Ron Mertens