Blackberry shows a prototype phone with a curved display

During the Mobile World Congress last week, Blackberry unveiled a prototype phone that has a curved display - similar to the Galaxy S6 Edge one. Besides the touch display, the new prototype also has a slider keyboard.

Blackberry prototype curved slider phone (2015)

Blackberry did not reveal anything regarding this phone or when they plan to release it. But it's great to see them try out what is undoubtedly a flexible OLED display for a future phone, and it's interesting to know that either Samsung Display or LG Display is supporting Blackberry with such a display.

This won't be Blackberry first OLED phone. In 2013 they released two AMOLED models, the Q10 and the Z30. Both of them used Samsung's Super AMOLED displays - which means that Blackberry already has good ties with Samsung's AMOLED division and so it's more likely that this curved display is made by SDC.

Posted: Mar 09,2015 by Ron Mertens