NFL Network, an American sports-oriented cable and satellite television network, installed several transparent OLED displays at its NFL GameDay Studio. The studio now hosts a total of six 55" FHD transparent Planar LookThru OLED monitors. The NFL Network says that the idea was to give the a show a technological forward-looking sense.

NFL Network transparent OLEDs photo

Planar Systems unveiled its first 55" Full-HD transparent OLED prototype in February 2015, and started accepting orders for the Planar LookThru displays in November 2015 for $14,995. Planar is using Samsung's 55" transparent OLED (announced in June 2015) - which was supposed to start shipping in Q2 2016 - but actually Samsung halted production last month - which means that Planar will probably won't be able to sell a lot of these displays (maybe the NFL Network will be happy to know that).

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