Samsung Display did develop an OLED microdisplay, back in 2011

Two days ago we reported on rumors that Google's next gen Google Glass HMD (or "wearable computer") will use OLED microdisplays made by Samsung Display. I wrote that as far as I know SDC never developed OLED microdisplays, but apparently I was wrong.

One of my sources sent me a conference paper from 2011 describing a 0.6" XGA OLED microdisplay - made by Samsung Mobile Display. The OLED-on-silicon device (Samsung calls them OLEDoS) used white OLEDs with color filters (all OLED displays made today use this architecture, although makers are moving towards direct emission). I don't think Samsung ever produced such displays, but apparently they did make some successful prototypes.


Does this add credibility to the latest SDC OLED microdisplay in Google's next-gen Glass devices? I don't know. But it's good to know that Samsung (at least back in 2011) developed such a display. I'm guessing OLED microdisplays advanced since 2011 (for example eMagin's latest XGA EVF microdisplay is much smaller at 0.48").

Posted: May 25,2013 by Ron Mertens


so far now, the only XGA OLED EVF, that we can buy, comes from sony, with smaller size(0.5"). i wonder why samsung never announced this prototype. copycat or ?