The Elec: Samsung Display is developing foldable OLEDs for Google, Xiaomi and Oppo

Korea's The Elec says that it has learned that Samsung display is developing in-folding OLED displays for Google, Xiaomi and Oppo.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip photo

Xiaomi, who has in the past shown prototypes that use Visionox out-folding displays, is now aiming to adopt an SDC in-folding display - 8.03" in size. The Elec says that the same phone will use a large 6.38-inch external display, which will be produced by both SDC CSoT.

Google is working with SDC to develop a smaller 7.6-inch folding AMOLED. Oppo is aiming to design a clamshell smartphone design, that will use a 7.7-inch folding AMOLED. The smartphone will also use a small 1.5-2 inch outer AMOLED. Oppo have shown prototypes of foldable devices below, using panels from BOE, Visionox and SDC. For its first real product, Samsung will be the exclusive supplier, though.

Oppo last year unveiled an out-folding 7.7-inch foldable prototype. Last year, it used Samsung Display, BOE and Visionox as partners to develop foldable panels. However, this year, Samsung Display is its sole partner.

Posted: Feb 23,2021 by Ron Mertens