Samsung to use its current M12 stack for the iPhone 15 series

According to a new report by The Elec, Samsung displays for Apple's upcoming iPhone 15 phone series will use the same material stack (M12) that were used in the iPhone 14. The M12 was used in the upper-range iPhones 14 series, but this year in the iPhone 15 series, all four models will use the same material stack.

The Elec also says that Samsung's next foldable phones will also use the same M12 stack, used in the previous generation foldables (Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4).


This is an interesting development, it seems that the rate of changing material stacks is slowing down. The Elec does report that SDC is developing two new different material stacks. The M13 is targeting all customers besides Apple, and will be first adopted by Google's first foldable phone. The second stack, the M14, is developed specifically for Apple, to be used in its 2024 iPhones (the iPhone 16 series, likely).

It is not detailed why Samsung is developing a different material stack for Apple, or what will be the difference between the M13 and M14. Perhaps the M14 will include some proprietary Apple technology/IP. 

Posted: Apr 11,2023 by Ron Mertens