Google announces its latest Pixel smartphones with OLED displays

Update: Google has removed the P-OLED brand name from their web site - this could have been a mistake, and now we do not know whether these are LGD's displays or not.

Google announced its fourth-generation Android smartphone, the Google Pixel 4, that features a 90Hz 5.7" 1080x2280 (444 PPI) OLED. The Pixel 4 XL features a larger 90Hz 6.3" 1440x3040 (537 PPI) AMOLED display.

Display measurement experts DisplayMate reviewed the display and found that it is a state-of-the-art flexible OLED display that sets or matches several records, including the highest absolute color accuracy, the lowest screen reflectance and the smallest brightness variation with viewing angle.

Update: We are not sure who makes Google's displays, but if these are LGD's P-OLEDs than this is great news for LGD that seems to be now producing the highest quality mobile OLED displays. Back in 2017, when LG Display started to produce its P-OLED displays for smartphones, it supplied a 6" 1440x2880 display for Google's Pixel 2 XL. Reviews of LGD's first displays were rather dismal - as both reviewers and customers complained about bad color reproduction, graininess and problematic viewing angles. In addition many users seem to report serious image retention issues.

Posted: Oct 17,2019 by Ron Mertens


Ron, are you sure that these are LGD p-OLED displays? A quick scan of the Displaymate page suggested that they are so close to the iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy S10 that they are probably from the same supplier. Maybe it is dual source again and Displaymate ended up with a display from SDC? Was the Pixel 3 only supplied by SDC or did LGD also have a small share?

This seems to be my mistake - I checked with Google's site and it stated P-OLED but that was later removed (and now they state just 'OLED' as the screen type).

Hello Ron,

Screen reflection is really annoying. Do you know how they solve the problem?


Thank you.

We have seen constant improvements in screen reflection over the years, to the point that Samsung's best OLEDs are now setting new world records in low reflection for mobile displays...