DSSC sees the foldable OLED smartphone market growing 45% in 2023, with over 35 new models

DSSC says that more smartphone makers will join the foldable phone market in 2023, with 37 new models introduced (up from 19 in 2022) - including new models from Google and OnePlus. DSSC says at least 16 new clamshell phones will be released, at least 20 in-folding type and one new out-folding device.

Looking at foldable smartphone shipments, DSSC says that the market will grow 45% to reach 18.6 million units, as performance increases and price decreases.


DSCC says that a certain Chinese phone maker is designing a multi-fold device, and will start  ordering multi-fold OLEDs displays towards the end of 2023 for a 2024 launch. The phone will have a 8" display but will very small (but thick) when folded. This will be a low volume product, but perhaps a sign of things to come.

One major innovation is the adoption of Color on Encapsulation (CoE, also referred to as polarizer-free OLED) which improves efficiency, thickness and more. SDC has been the only company to commercialize CoE OLEDs to date, but in 2023 more  OLED makers will release the first CoE OLEDs. The penetration of CoE OLEDs in the foldable OLED maket will rise from 24% in 2022 to 38% in 2023.

Samsung Display POL-LESS AMOLED structure image

Due to the weak IT market in 2023, DSSC says that companies are pushing back new foldable laptops into 2024.

Posted: Mar 07,2023 by Ron Mertens