Reports suggest Samsung is close to acquiring Novaled for $200 million

According to reports, Samsung is close to acquire Novaled for $200 million. This isn't really surprising - back in April 2013 it was reported that Samsung's Cheil Industries was considering to bid for Novaled. Perhaps the deal will happen soon and that's why it leaked to the press. Samsung already owns 10% of Novaled.

Novaled filed for IPO back in March 2012, aiming to raise $200 million but this IPO was never completed. In march 2013 we reported that Korea's Doosan will acquire Novaled, but in two months later the Korean company decided it will not acquire the German OLED material developer.

Interestingly, this story effected Universal Display's stock, sending it down over 10% (it ended -4.3%). Novaled (mainly a transport-layer materials supplier) aren't in competition with UDC (who supplier emitters and host and other OLED technologies). You can read more about this in our UDC investor's forum.

Back in March 2011 Ecosummit posted a couple of interesting Interviews - one with Novaled's CFO and the other with the company's Chief Scientist. Here's the CFO interview, which discusses their financial situation, technology and markets, I think it's a good introduction to the company:

Source: Bloomberg

Disclosure: I own some shares in UDC, and Novaled is a long-time OLED-Info sponsor. I really wish them the best of luck!

Posted: Jul 30,2013 by Ron Mertens