Universal Display reports disappointing financial results for Q3 2014

Universal display posted disappointing financial results for Q3 2014. Revenues were $32.9 million (unchanged from Q3 2013) and net income was $4.3 million. UDC lowered their guidance for 2014 ($183-185 million, down from $190-205 million).

The lower sales were attributed to Samsung's soft mobile phone sales and lower green host sales. UDC reports that Samsung adopted a different green host supplier in some of their panels. The company is working on new high-performance low-cost host materials, but they always said that this is a competitive market.

On the positive side, sales to LG Display reached $9 million - 31% of UDC's sales in the quarter. LGD is ramping up OLED TV production and UDC expects material sales to LG to rise accordingly in the near future. UDC also sees a rapid OLED takeup in wearables, flexible OLEDs and specifically with new Chinese producers.

With the OLED industry still in its nascent stage where many variables can have a material impact on its growth, the Company now expects revenues to be in the range of $183 million to $185 million. The revised expectation is based on the assumption that the above noted third quarter customer trends are likely to continue for the remainder of this year.

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Posted: Nov 07,2014 by Ron Mertens