Cheil Industries to supply SDC with green phosphorescent host materials

Samsung's Cheil Industries says that they will start supplying Samsung Display with phosphorescent green host for their OLED displays. Cheil developed the new material for the past two years and says that it will improve the OLED panel brightness and power consumption compared to the current material Samsung uses (made by UDC). It is also reportedly cheaper.

Cheil Industries green host production photo

According to the report, some industry source say that this new material may have been used in Samsung Electronics' GS5 phone - as indeed we know the new display is brighter and more efficient than Samsung's previous display. On the other hand if this is true, than Cheil should have started ramping up production months ago. Cheil will produce 5 tons of this new material in a year.


Earlier this month Samsung SDI announced that it is buying Samsung's Cheil Industries for $3.3 billion in stock.


Posted: Apr 28,2014 by Ron Mertens