Samsung invests in Novaled

Novaled announced today that Samsung Venture Investment Corporation (SVIC) became a shareholder in Novaled. We do not know the financial details of this deal, but this is obviously a strategic investment for Samsung (who uses Novaled's materials in their AMOLED panels). This is great news for the company (which is a long time sponsor of OLED-Info).

Novaled's latest financing round was in January 2009 (they raised $11.2 million back then). The company says that their 2010 revenue were €11.2 million - and this will probably double or more in 2011, following Samsung's capacity expansion and new 5.5-Gen fab. Back in March 2011 Ecosummit posted a couple of interesting Interviews - one with Novaled's CFO and the other with the company's Chief Scientist. Here's the CFO interview, which discusses their financial situation, technology and markets:

Posted: Sep 30,2011 by Ron Mertens