Novaled is a German start-up (a spin-off from Fraunhofer and Technical University of Dresden) established in 2001 that is developing and marketing transport, blocking, doping, interlayer and outcoupling materials that can be used for OLED displays and lighting panels.

Novaled claims that using their technology and materials can boost the overall display product power efficiency by up to 40%, with a lifetime increase up to 500%. Their outcoupling solutions can further enhance power efficiency by up to 80%. Besides OLED materials, Novaled also provides tailor-made OLED devices on glass or metal substrates.

In 2013, Samsung acquired Novaled for €260 million. In November 2010 we interviewed their marketing chief. You can read the latest OLED news from Novaled here.

Company Address: 
Tatzberg 49
01307 Dresden
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