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Volatility re Novaled:


  • Wedbush defends Universal Display, says Novaled not a threat
    • The firm asserts Novaled provides materials for "the electron and hole injecting and transport layers" of an OLED display. Whereas Universal Display (OLED-6.9%provides host/emitter materials.
    • Universal shares are bouncing from the day's lows, but are still off sharply.
    • Previous: Samsung reportedly close to buying Novaled
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  • Monday, Jul 29
    1:41 PM
    Universal Display tumbles on report Samsung buying Novaled
    • Bloomberg reports Samsung (SSNLF.PK) is close to buying German OLED materials/tech provider Novaled for $200M+. Novaled's CMO says "negotiations are ongoing."
    • Samsung invested in Novaled in 2011, and the companies signed a licensing/materials purchasing deal in 2012.
    • Novaled claims its PIN OLED doping tech allows for fewer manufacturing process steps, low driving voltages, and greater design flexibility.
    • Universal Display (OLED -9.2%) shares aren't taking the news well. Universalremains very dependent on Samsung's materials purchases and (fixed-fee) licensing payments for now. It's counting on expected manufacturing ramps from AU Optronics, Innolux, and LG Display, among others, to help lower its dependence.
    • Universal's Q2 report arrives on Aug. 8."




 PS: Thank you Wedbush !!! I have to assume this pressure was from ignorant short sellers jumping on anything remotely deemable as "negative"... the irony to me is that it should be seen as hugely postive.

Sid .... stop trading???

How much would OLED have to fall before the SEC put up a stop trading sign?   Or dont they do that?

They don't for price moves.

They don't for price moves. (although a HFT back away from the market and send the stock instantly to zero induced super move can be invalidated these days)   Halts are for the market as a whole in terms of price drops. There are other ways company trading can be halted (not price related). One can find a lot by googling trading halts SEC etc.

Regardless, it was another buying opportunity as was a sign fundamentals of oled via SMD are stronger than ever and a misunderstood negative implication for OLED. Frankly, the algorithms must really suck on read acrosses for OLED. Used to be LCD sales down would sink OLED, now its buy outs for other Oled based companys... HUH. The absurdity of market reaction for OLED continues on...although I don't care much for "Gumby"'s work on Seeking alpha. Lots of generalized negativity thrown at OLED. Sadly its sweeping comments like this that take hours to counter act with evidence. 


more from Barron's:



Tiernan Ray has been nice enough to cover OLED for years now. If you want to thank him for his continued coverage you can thank him on Twitter:


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