Omdia: the automotive OLED market is set to grow to $2.17 billion in revenues by 2027

According to market research firm Omdia, the OLED automotive displays market is set to grow to $2.17 billion in 2027, up from $481.75 in 2023 (that's a 4.5X growth in sales). In terms of shipments, the market will reach 9 million units in 2027, up from 1.48 million in 2023 (a 7X growth). 

Omdia is actually more optimistic about the automotive market than it was last year, as the industry is growing faster than expected. There is a rapid uptake of AMOLED displays in premium cars, as the displays offer a better image quality, lower power consumption and lower weight compared to LCDs, which is all very important for electric cars. 


The automotive OLED display market is dominated by the two Korean display makers, LGD and Samsung. According to Omdia, in 2022 LGD held a 50% market share while Samsung followed closely behind with a 42.7% share. The third largest supplier is BOE, with a 7.3% share.

In an interesting note, Omdia estimates that an automotive OLED displays costs about 5 to 6 times higher than that of a comparable consumer OLED display.

Mercedes Benz 12.8'' OLED screen in the 2021 S-Class

LG 12.8-inch P-OLED in Mercedes Benz 2021 S-Class

LGD has been leading the automotive OLED display market, having supplied displays as early as 2019, and is supplying to Mercedes-Benz, Cadillac and more. LG's market share was over 90% in past years, but as the market grows Samsung is close behind. SDC has secured both BMW and Audi as customers, and will also supply displays to Hyundai's Genesis models in the future.

Posted: Jul 23,2023 by Ron Mertens