LGD's Automotive OLED receive TÜV Rheinland Product Carbon Footprint certification

LG Display announced that its automotive OLED displays (both its flexible P-OLED panels and its rigid ATO panels) received TÜV Rheinland’s ‘Product Carbon Footprint’ certification, a milestone marking compliance with emissions standards across the product’s lifecycle. LGD's automotive OLEDs are highly efficient, and both utilize the company's tandem OLED structure.

LGD says that it recently introduced a new film to its automotive OLEDs, developed in-house, "Light Control Film Integration Technology" that enabled it to reduce its automotive OLEDs carbon emissions by up to 18% compared to its previous OLEDs.  This method also has the added benefit of effectively streamlining the manufacturing process, further reducing product weight, and improving power efficiency compared to conventional panels that use external films.


LG Display is leading the automotive OLED market. The company is now offering three product family. For luxury flagship cars (over $80,000 in cost), the company is offering its P-OLED flexible panels, that offer high performance coupled with design freedom. For premium cars ($50,000 - $80,000) the company offers rigid  OLEDs, that offer high image quality and a tandem OLED architecture for increased efficiency and lifetime. These displays are lower in cost compared to LG's P-OLEDs, and LG brands these as ATO (Advanced Thin OLEDs) as they adopt TFE encapsulation over a glass substrate. For mass market cars ($30,000 - $50,000) LGD offers LTPS LCDs.

LG Display automotive display strategy slide 2023

LG also disclosed its list of automotive OLED customers (its Tandem-OLED camp as it calls it) - which include General Motors, Volvo, Porsche, Genesis, Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar Land Rover and Lucid. The company says it has a 62% market share (2023) in the automotive OLED market, and looks to maintain a market share of over 60% at least until 2026. Omdia estimates that LGD holds a market share of 50%.

OLED producers are increasing their efforts to penetrate the automotive display market, and we expect this trend to continue. The upcoming OLED Toolbox will provide analysis, insights and structured information on the automotive OLED industry and market!

Posted: Jan 25,2024 by Ron Mertens