LG Display strenghten its premium automotive display partnership with Mercedes-Benz

LG Display announced that it is strengthening its partnership and collaboration with Mercedes-Benz. The two companies started working together in 2004, and since then the German carmaker has been applying cutting-edge automotive displays from LGD to its luxury vehicles.

Mercedes has been applying LGD's OLEDs for several years, and so it is not clear what will now change, but it is likely that we'll see more Mercedes models adopting high-end displays from LGD, mostly OLEDs. The Mercedes EQE 2022, for example, uses either a 12.8-inch AMOLED or (optionally) Mercedes' MBUX Hyperscreen, a 56-inch display, actually made from three different OLED units, embedded in a single glass display. There's a central 17.7-inch panel plus two 12.3-inch panels. The 56-inch glass also includes holes for the air-vents which are integrated into the display.


The MBUX Hyperscreen was first used in the higher-end EQS electric car. The 'lower-end' 12.8-inch AMOLED screen, shown below, is used in the 2021 S-class cars. LG Display confirmed that it is supplying its OLEDs for both of Mercedes EV configurations.

Posted: Aug 24,2023 by Ron Mertens