The 2024 Genesis GV70 to use a 27-inch OLED display produced by LG Display

Last year we reported that the next Hyundai Motor's Genesis GV80 car will adopt a 27-inch OLED display, produced by LGD. This display will be made from two separate OLED displays behind a single glass.

According to new reports from Korea, Genesis decided to equip the upcoming GV70 with the same display.


LG Display was one of the first companies to identify the automotive industry as a potential market for its AMOLED displays. LGD is already supplying OLED panels to several companies including Mercedes and Cadillac. In 2021 it was estimated that LGD holds a market share of over 90% in automotive AMOLEDs, and the company is now considering building a dedicated AMOLED production line for automotive displays.

LG Display is now alone, and other companies increased their OLED automotive shipments as well, including Samsung Display and EverDisplay. Some reports suggest that some Genesis models will adopt OLEDs produced by Samsung Display. SDC already supplies AMOLED displays for Hyundai's Ioniq 5 (digital side mirrors). In June 2022 it was reported that Samsung Display will supply 5 million AMOLED display to BMW. The company recently signed a deal with Ferrari for next-generation automotive displays.

OLED producers are increasing their efforts to penetrate the automotive display market, and we expect this trend to continue. The upcoming OLED Toolbox will provide analysis, insights and structured information on the automotive OLED industry and market.

Posted: Jan 22,2024 by Ron Mertens


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