LG Display is considering building a new automotive OLED production line

According to reports in Korea, LG Display is thinking about building a new automotive OLED production line, at its now-closed LCD P4.5 production site in Gumi, Korea.

Mercedes EQE 350 2022, interior photo

It is not clear what is LGD's current status with this project, as one reports suggests LGD has already started to order equipment, while another says the design of the new fab is not complete yet, and that LGD did not make a final decision.

In any case, it is agreed that LGD aims to eventually convert all of its Gumi factory site to automotive OLED production.

LG Display was one of the first companies to identify the automotive industry as a potential market for its AMOLED displays. LGD is already supplying OLED panels to several companies including Mercedes and Cadillac. In 2021 it was estimated that LGD holds a market share of over 90% in automotive AMOLEDs, but since then other companies increased their OLED automotive shipments as well, including Samsung Display and EverDisplay.

Posted: Oct 25,2022 by Ron Mertens