Samsung to supply 5 million automotive AMOLED displays to BMW

According to reports, Samsung Display has been chosen by BMW to supply it with AMOLED displays for the company's high-end sedans. BMW will start adopting Samsung's AMOLEDs in 2024 and will buy a total of 4 million displays in about 6-7 years. We do not have any information regarding the display size and features.

Samsung Display automotive AMOLED display

Samsung has been a relative late comer to the automotive AMOLED market (the clear leader today is LG Display), and this is an important design win for the company. Samsung also supplied rear-view mirror displays for Hyundai's Ioniq 5 EV and for Audi's e-tron SUVs, but both these systems were optional and the BMW deal is the first major one for Samsung.

Samsung is expanding its R&D and production of automotive OLED displays, and it hopes to land a similar order from Audi. The company supplies its AMOLED displays via a Tier-1 electronic device company.

Posted: Jun 26,2022 by Ron Mertens