Cadillac unveiled the 2021 Escalade with its 38-inch LGD P-OLED display

In December 2019 Cadillac announced that its 2021 Escalade will sport a 38-inch curved OLED display. Rumors suggested that LG is the producer of this display, and indeed Cadillac now unveiled the car and its next-generation display - and LG confirmed that this is indeed its P-OLED screen.

The displays, which will come standard on all 2021 Escalade versions, include an instrument cluster and infotainment systems, and enable several customizable displays which include AR navigation and night vision modes. There are actually three different displays - from left to right a 7" display, an 14" one and a 16.9" display. The center 14" is the instrument cluster and it is not-touch enabled (the other two do include touch).

LG Electronics developed the infotainment system for Cadillac, and LG says that the 2021 Escalade will also include two 12.6" displays for the rear seat infotainment system. It is not clear from LG's announcement whether these two are also P-OLED displays.

The 2021 Escalade will go on sale before the end of 2020, and will likely be the first serial car with such flexible AMOLED displays.

Posted: Feb 06,2020 by Ron Mertens


Does anyone know if this vehicle is on display at the Chicago Auto Show?