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Digitimes: Samsung and LG aim to reduce their reliance on foreign organic material producers

Digitimes Researcher states that currently Samsung Display and LG Display both rely on imported organic materials used in OLED production, but the two Korean makers aim to decrease this reliance. Both companies are buying stakes in companies outside of Korea (for example Samsung's Novaled acquisition and Sun Fine Chem investment) in order to obtain patents and move production in house, mostly at LG Chem and Samsung SDI.

Corning Lotus XT glass photo

The polyimide used as a substrate in flexible OLEDs, for example, is produced by Japanese Ube Industries - and used by both LG and samsung. Several organic materials used in the OLED stack are produced by Universal Display (PHOLED emitters), Idemitsu Kosan, Dow Chemical and Merck. Both companies use glass mostly from Corning and high-temperature thin film for the back-end processing from 3M.

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Novaled breaks ground on a new €20 million facility

Novaled has started constructing its new 20 million Euro fab and office buildings. The new facility will be located in the north of Dresden, and will comprise of a renovated old mill that will be turned into a prestigious office building and a new 110-meter long R&D plant with state-of-the-art research areas, laboratories and clean rooms.

Novaled's future Dresden HQ (render, 2017)

Novaled says it is the world's only supplier of organic dopants for mass produced OLED displays - and also in OLED lighting panels. Novaled's materials are also used in OPV devices.

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Cynora appoints Dr. Andreas Haldi as Chief Marketing Officer

Blue TADF developer Cynora announced that Dr. Andreas Haldi was appointed as its Chief Marketing Officer. With his strong technical and business experience, Andreas Haldi will reinforce Cynora in the forthcoming commercialization of its high performance blue OLED materials.

Cynora Blue TADF OLED material photo

Cynora, preparing the commercialization of its emitting materials for OLEDs, is hiring Andreas Haldi to further enhance its already good relationships with the major display makers and to now prepare with them the implementation of its materials in their products.

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The German R2D2 flexible OLED project was successfully completed

In October 2013, the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) launched a new flexible OLED lighting project called R2D2 with an aim to investigate new production technologies, including roll-to-roll techniques.

R2D2's coordinator Fraunhofer FEP, now reports that the project has been successfully completed. OLED production processes and market sectors were thoroughly analyzed, the potential for improvement was identified and realized. The project partners developed a series of OLED lighting applications combining special design features with efficient fabrication techniques.

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UBI: the OLED emitter material market grew 17% in 2015 as producers increase capacity and change material suppliers

According to UBI Research, the market for OLED emitting materials grew 17% from 2014 to 2015. Universal Display (the top supplier in terms of revenues), Dow Chemical and LG Chem saw a decrease in sales while Novaled, Idemitsu Kosan and Samsung SDI saw improved revenues.

OLED material sales 2014-2015 (UBI)

Samsung Display is the largest OLED producer by far, and so when it changes suppliers it changes the whole market. UBI says that in 2015 Idemitsu Kosan, the second supplier in terms of revenue started delivering blue fluorescent emitters to Samsung Display, and also enjoyed the ramp-up in OLED TV production by LGD.

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Novaled developed a V-OFET backplane to efficiently drive AMOLED displays

Next week at SID, Novaled will report on a new Vertical organic field-effect transistors (V-OFETs) that can be used to drive high-brightness AMOLED displays. Novaled says that the new backplane can be deposited on plastic backplanes, and it allows a 4X brightness enhancement compared to reference AMOLEDs.

Vertical-OETs has been first reported in 2011 by the University of Florida. That particular research used carbon-nanotube based backplanes, and it was spun-off to form a company called nVerPix which is commercializing the technology.

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The EU launches a new project to commercialize TADF OLED emitters

The European Commission, under its Horizon 2020 programme, launched a new project called Phebe that aims to develop and commercialize TADF OLED emitters. This three-year project's consortium includes Novaled, Astron-FIAMM, TU Dresden, Kaunas University of Technology, Durham University and other companies and universities.

TU Dresden is focusing on material design using theoretical quantum chemical approaches, and KTU is elaborating synthetic schemes for exciplex emitters and intramolecular charge transfer materials and synthesizing the most promising compounds. Durham will perform photophysical characterisation of the new materials from Kaunus and will also be in charge of elucidating the mechanisms of TADF to feed into the theoretical work of TU Dresden. Novaled will provide best-fit transport and doping material sets, technology and expert know-how on stack architecture.

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Germany launches a €5.9 million flexible OLED lighting project

In October 2013, the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) launched a new flexible OLED lighting project called R2D2. This two-year 5.9 million Euro project, which was finally exposed now, aims to investigate new production technologies, including roll-to-roll techniques. One of the main subjects of investigation will be the system integration of flexible OLEDs in automobiles, aircraft and household applications.

The project is based on results from previous BMBF projects - R2Flex, So-Light and TOPAS2012. The consortium leader is Fraunhofer FEP, and other partners include OSRAM, Novaled, Audi, Hella, and others.

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LG Display, Novaled, Sumitomo, UDC at OLEDs 2014 in just 2 weeks!

Following is a sponsored post from Smithers Apex:

All of the key players in OLED lighting and displays will be in Berkeley, CA just outside of San Francisco in two weeks! At the OLEDs World Summit 2014, you’ll hear directly from LG Display, Novaled, BASF, Audi, Acuity Brands Lighting, Konica Minolta, DuPont Displays, Panasonic, Visionox, BOE, Philips Lighting and many others. readers can save an additional $100 off of the conference fee by using code OLEDINFOVIP when registering online. This code is not retroactive.

This is a global event and the world’s decision makers will be in attendance. Organizations already registered to attend include 3M, Apple, Corning, European Patent Office, Honda R & D, Kateeva, Motorola Mobility, Pixelligent, Samsung and more. There is no other gathering that will give you unlimited, unfiltered access to those who will grow your understanding of OLED technology and show you how to remain competitive in today’s rapidly evolving lighting markets.

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LG Display, Novaled, Sumitomo and UDC to headline OLEDs 2014 agenda

Following is a sponsored post from Smithers Apex:

Smithers Apex (with the OLED Association) announced the agenda and lineup for the OLEDs World Summit 2014 conference. LG Display, Novaled, BASF, Acuity Brands Lighting, Konica Minolta, DuPont Displays, Panasonic, Visionox, BOE, Philips Lighting and many more of the industry’s most influential players in OLED lighting and displays will be presenting at the event.

The 16th annual event will take place September 16-18 at the Claremont Hotel Club & Spa in Berkeley, CA. Smithers Apex says that the OLEDs World Summit is the longest-running, preeminent business development and technical event dedicated exclusively to the OLEDs industry - connecting researchers with customers and manufacturers in both the lighting and display sectors.

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