The two-year R2D2 project, launched in October 2013, aims to investigate flexible OLED lighting panels production technologies, including roll-to-roll techniques. One of the main subjects of investigation will be the system integration of flexible OLEDs in automobiles, aircraft and household applications.

R2D2 is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). BMBF will provide €5.9 million for this project. The project is based on results from previous BMBF projects - R2Flex, So-Light and TOPAS2012. The consortium leader is Fraunhofer FEP, and other partners include OSRAM, Novaled, Audi, Hella, and others.

Project duration: 
2013 to 2015


Project duration

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R2D2 was launched in October 2013.

Project duration is 10/2013 to 09/2015.


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Thanks Mattias, I updated my

Thanks Mattias, I updated my information.

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