TOPAS project

The TOPAS (Thousand Lumen Organic Phosphorescent devices for Applications in lighting Systems) research project is focused on developing innovative material and component architectures and well as new production machines for lighting solutions with highly efficient OLEDs. Within the project group OSRAM Opto Semiconductors is focusing on a transparent OLED solution with an area of 1 square meter. Philips is concentrating on developing particularly bright monolithic OLED systems with 1000 Lumen, and Aixtron is working on production equipment with high-grade deposition concepts based on its OVPD

The project is funded by the Germany Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF) with OSRAM, BASF, Philips and Aixtron all working together.

In October 2009, OSRAM displayed a large transparent OLED (17x17 cm, with a 210 cm2 luminous area), which is only a few hundred micrometers thick. The samples have been developed as part of the TOPAS project. In December 2012 OSRAM reported further advances and new panels, with an aim to start production in 2014.