Novaled breaks ground on a new €20 million facility

Novaled has started constructing its new 20 million Euro fab and office buildings. The new facility will be located in the north of Dresden, and will comprise of a renovated old mill that will be turned into a prestigious office building and a new 110-meter long R&D plant with state-of-the-art research areas, laboratories and clean rooms.

Novaled's future Dresden HQ (render, 2017)

Novaled says it is the world's only supplier of organic dopants for mass produced OLED displays - and also in OLED lighting panels. Novaled's materials are also used in OPV devices.

Novaled was acquired by Samsung's Cheil Industries in 2013 for 260 million Euro. Cheil Industries was later acquired by Samsung SDI.

Posted: Jan 27,2017 by Ron Mertens