LG Display's CEO, Han Sang-Beom, said yesterday that the company aims to lead the wearable device display market with its flexible plastic-based OLEDs. The company is already in talks with its major clients ("top-tier makers") to supply flexible displays for bendable devices.

Han says that the company is ready to supply "many clients" with flexible OLEDs. The company already has internal shipment targets, but he wouldn't reveal those targets and any of the potential clients. Han did mention both Sony and Google as companies "interested in wearable devices" but he didn't go as far as saying they are interested in LGD's OLEDs.

Of course another major client is Apple. It was already suggested a few months ago that LGD is very close to striking a deal with Apple to supply flexible OLEDs for the upcoming iWatch.

Regarding OLED TVs, LG sees it reaching the mainstream only after 2016, and so its investment plan is "flexible" and will depend on market conditions. In any case LGD aims to also lead the global OLED TV market.

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