Reports suggest BOE and perhaps Tianma to supply all the AMOLEDs for Apple's iPhone SE 4

A report from China suggests that Samsung will not produce any AMOLEDs for the upcoming Apple iPhone SE 4, as the Korean maker asked for around $30 per unit (6.1-inch) which was too high for Apple. Apple apparantly wanted to pay only $25, and it is estimated that BOE will supply most of the units, with some orders perhaps going to Tianma.

According to reports, Samsung estimated that it will not be able to make a profit in this project and decided to stop the negotiations when Apple insisted on a low price.


For the iPhone 15 models, Samsung is estimated to supply around 70% of the panels, LGD around 25%, and BOE only around 3% - as the Chinese maker has been approved to supply AMOLED panels for Apple for the first time. The iPhone 15 AMOLEDs are more advanced than the iPhone SE 4 panels and the cost for the highest-end panels is over $100 per unit.

Posted: Mar 28,2024 by Ron Mertens