Apple finally approves BOE as an iPhone 15 AMOLED supplier, will order 2 million diplays in 2023

BOE has been trying to be accepted into Apple's supply chain for their latest iPhone devices for many years, but has so far succeeded only in getting small orders for aftermarket panels. In March it was reported that BOE is developing panels for Apple, but in September it was reported that Apple decided to cancel all of its panned orders for BOE's iPhone 15 display OLED panels due to technical issues, and has moved all these orders to Samsung Display.

Now it is reported in Korean media that BOE has been finally approved, and the Chinese-based OLED maker will supply 2 million panels for Apple - or only about 3% of its total OLED supply in 2023. Obviously BOE hopes to gain more orders in 2024.


According to the report, Apple will order a total of 115 million AMOLED displays in 2023. Samsung will supply about 71%, LGD 26%, and BOE only 3%.

BOE just announced that it produced over 100 million AMOLED displays in 2023, which means that Apple's orders are not significant for BOE. But of course this is a very good win for BOE in terms of its future prospects and its credibility as a high-end AMOLED maker.

Posted: Nov 14,2023 by Ron Mertens